Sunday, 25 March 2018

Hey big B, 

I hope that you're doing well. It's been a challenging 2 weeks for me and not a second goes by without me thinking of that good looking face. The lilies are blooming splendidly and  they make me smile from ear to ear. My roses are blooming too so everything's well with my sweet little garden. I've got much to say but it'll have to wait until a time when I'm feeling a little more articulate. *hugs*

Monday, 8 May 2017

6th May was a particularly trying day for me. I listened to our parting song and moisture blurred my sight.

On a positive note, those lilies bloomed beautifully and the last flower said goodbye today. It's almost as if they knew when and how long to keep going. I was kept in good company and wore a big smile everytime I saw those beautiful lilies knowing what they embody.

The preparation and packing is all done and I'm ready for my long trip tomorrow back to the Land of Hidden Treasures. I can't wait to have mama's cooking.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

In my heart is where you'll always be

When I first set my eyes upon you
Something about you made my heart flutter
We started out as friends but became 
soul mates eternal
Time and distance will never erode
our bond and adoration for each other
In my heart you will forever remain
As its king.

Never will there be another day as wonderful as this
Where love is abound
Joy overflowing, and
All things beautiful and good
Encapsulated in unforgettable memories.

Monday, 28 March 2016

To my beautiful you

Yesterday was a very painful day for me. I had to make a very difficult but necessary decision. Even in my quiet time I thought of you constantly.

But today is a new day. As I look upon the skies I am reminded of someone: the warm, bright, open and beautiful you that captivated and still continues to captivate my heart.

I miss you dearly.

More importantly, I hope you are well.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Happy birthday to my dearest Sai Mui

Sai Mui, it just occurred to me as I started writing this post that this year marks the second decade of our friendship. 20 years. That's about a quarter of one's average lifespan and that's how long we've been in each others' lives.

We first met in university but didn't start becoming close until our second year. You exposed me to the world of clubbing and we sure had lots of fun. I remember how you got me on the "consumption initiation programme" after showing your displeasure to my Ribena habit. Hahaha. That programme turned out to be a real eye opener, didn't it? When push comes to shove, you were the only one that could handle and tame me. I remember those instances fondly. In our uni years we went through a multitude of life events and good or bad they brought us ever closer together. We had a bond, a bond that continues to strengthen and deepen to this day. 

After graduation we went had to go our separate ways. I tried my best to stay in my second home but being stateless and the profession that I am in it was an insurmountable challenge. I returned to my country of birth and began my practice there eventually. But I was eager to stay close to you in anyway I can. Thank to budget airlines like AirAsia I was able to see you once a month or every other month. It certainly didn't help with my savings but I never regretted any of those trips. You had your own place and we'd hang out with the others for tea or a meal and then go back to spend time with each other talking about all sorts of stuff. I love how we could be so open and comfortable with each other. Over time you went on to excel in your practice and became your own boss. I, on the other hand, decided to leave everything behind and start anew in another country, for something called aikido.

I want you to know that I am very proud of what you have achieved thus far and I know there will be more to come. I also want to tell you how lucky I am to have a friend like you; loving, supportive and never judgmental. You've helped me through some very difficult times and held me together where I would have otherwise fallen.

Most of all, I could not be more thrilled to see you finding you partner in life, who will be there for you for the rest of your life. Now that there is someone to take care of you, 我就放心了.

Happy birthday my dearest friend. May you continue to be the wonderful person that you are and I wish for all things good in your life. As we both cross the half way mark of our lives, let us make true our plans to celebrate it together. 

I love you.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

I'm back

Looks like I took a long break but I want you to know that I am still alive and training somewhere in the Land of the Rising Sun. It has been an eventful 2 years and you tend to get busy when starting life from zero. Anyway, it's good to be back and hopefully I still have what it takes to write posts that make sense. Hahahaha.


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spring 2013

It is my second spring in Japan. I look forward to this season very much; the cool weather, the beginning of another season and sakura viewing. To be honest, I haven't been to many places for sakura viewing and this time around I went to Ueno park again to take pictures of the sakura. The pictures turned out to be satisfactory but I did not have a close up shot that I was happy with.

Last week, however, when a classmate of mine decided to view Mt Fuji, I came across a sakura tree not far from Fujisan station. It was very windy that day and I had my camera with me. I thought to myself, the winds are too strong and I cannot possibly take pictures of that beautiful tree. As I was approaching the tree however, the winds died down, as if saying to me "go ahead, snap away". The skies were so blue that day and it provided a great contrast to the soft pink blossoms. 

I wish my family was here to view the sakura with me. We could just sit under the trees, drink, eat and be merry. I miss them.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

School starts tomorrow!

The textbooks materials used in 2012

Time sure passes by when you are having fun. But somehow this school holiday feels longer than the last few. I think it was because Hombu Dojo was closed after Christmas and did not reopen for training until 6th January 2013. Sure I had things to do to keep me occupied but I would rather go back to training than to stop training for so long. Actually it was also because I wasn't training much in the last 2 months of the year due to preparation for JLPT and end of term exams. But anyway I think the senseis and everyone at Honbu Dojo deserve a good break from a year of hard work. I appreciate the fact that their work, unlike most of ours, are very physically demanding. 

I woke up today from a dream where a teacher from school informed me that I was one of the 4 students who failed the end of term exams. Upon hearing the news I went and sat in a corner, stunned and speechless whilst the others carry on with the lesson. I will find out if it is true soon enough.

The house is now quiet due to the return of a very chirpy housemate to her home country. I will miss the times I had with her but she has a family to return to and one year away from them is long enough. But the thought of school starting once again tomorrow really excites me. Back to the routine of school and training. Yaaay! I have also some other plans in store for this year and I hope to make this a year an even more fulfilling one. For a better tomorrow everyone!

Happy New Year 2013

It seems like yesterday that I came to Japan to live my dream of doing a one year stint in Japan to train in aikido and to learn the Japanese language. In the last few days of 2012 I recalled that I could barely speak any Japanese and was having a hard time going about with my daily life because there was not much allowance for communication to be done in English. And of course the cold. Now I could carry on simple social conversation and is more or less used to the weather here. But I still cannot believe that I made it here and completed a year.

Admittedly, I like the life here and can't get enough of it. So what do I do? I decided that I will stay here for another year! Hahaha. the first year has been pretty free and easy for me. I did not have a part time job and only spent my time studying and training (well most of the time). This year I would like to look for a part time job to gain some working experience here and also to earn some extra pocket money. I would like to do some office work but I know that my Japanese language skills are still wanting so I will be practical about it. There is one thing I would like to try out which is to work in a bakery. Baking has been a hobby of mine since a long time ago and I would like to have a chance to learn more.

For the new year I bought a tenegui that bears the twelve animal zodiac signs. February 10th will usher in the year of the Snake and I hope that it will be a great year for all!

Monday, 3 December 2012

The "full marks" breakfast

The day has come. After 11 months of studies I am going to sit for my first Japanese Language Proficiency Test. During the course of my revision the feeling that I should have taken the N3 test instead of N2 grew stronger and stronger. I am here now so that is moot. Anyway I got up early to make the "full marks" breakfast. My mother used to make this breakfast whenever my brothers and I are sitting for our school exams. She would cook one sausage and 2 sunny side up eggs and arranged them in to look like "100". It is her way of wishing us all the best in our exams. It is only now that I appreciate the thought that care and concern that she has in everything that has to do with us. 

After the very inspiring breakfast, I made my way to the test venue which is at Meijiro University.
I made it there in good time and was slightly taken aback by the number of N2 candidates. The doors opened at 12:00hrs. The test voucher states that the grammar and kanji section test starts at 12:30hrs and ends at 14:30hrs. What perplexed me was that the giving our of the question and answer sheets as well and identification procedure only commenced after 12:30hrs. We only started answering the questions 20 minutes later which I felt was time lost for us. Then I remembered that on the question sheet it was stated that we have 105 minutes to answer the questions. Hahaha. The test voucher should have been more specific, I think!

The instructions were given out no less than 3 times for the benefit of late comers. What got my attention was the part on rule violation. Depending on the severity of the violation you may be issued a yellow card of red card. The invigilator raised the cards as she was explaining the rules and it made her look like a football referee. By the way, at least 2 persons were handed the yellow card by the end of the test.

I came out of the test feeling forlorn; I generally understood the contents of the questions but it was not clear enough to give a confident answer. In other words, I am almost there but still not there. I know that by July next year I will be more than ready to take the test again. Hahahaha!

I am glad I took the test and that it is over. It had it degree of difficulty and my vocabulary was not extensive enough to equip myself to deal with the questions and that is something I will work harder upon from now on. Relieved and wanting to wind down, a few of us met up for dinner.
 お疲れ様でした!Yet more brain cells were sacrificed today in the name of progress so cheers to that!