Thursday, 6 November 2008

HiMe's day continued

After a wonderful weekend I tried to cultivate my domestic skills and was fairly successful. Chin said that she was going to be at the Fayre on Wednesday and wants to meet up for some choco puuuuuuuding after. We met up at our usual hangout and H joined us. He is on a month long leave so he must be the envy of many hehe. He bought quite a few packets of German butter cookies and gave me one to try out. They are soft and not too sweet, very good with tea.

It seems that my days of receiving birthday gifts are not over yet and to my glee Chin presented to me a book she made for me.

It is made from the paper that I oo-ed and ah-ed about at her place. The colour red is second only to white in the list of colours that I like.

Just look at it...

Behold the stitching...beautiful.

Now I just need to figure out what I am going to use this special book for.

It is a beautiful book made with love and and warmth.

Introducing the maker of the books. Check out the cool name card. Apparently it was made using Microsfot Excel! I didn't know until now! You learn something new everyday! :)

Afterwards we went down to some serious business. As i have not had a chocolate pudding for nearly 2 months ( compared to 2-3 times a week. The reasin for my colossal weight gain is a no brainer here...)

H was very happy to get his hands on the chocolate pudding. He has been yearning for one for some time but Chin insisted that he wait until Wednesday. Oh and he finally found out why Chin is nicknamed Chin.

Open up wide.


Chin on the other hand was more restrained in her reaction.

I gave it some thought and decided on what occasion I will hopefully be using the special book for. Buddies, when that time comes, just make sure that you get your costumes ready!

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